Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The tale of a groom's mother....

Recently, a mother of the groom asked me about what to wear at her son's wedding. The bride's mom is wearing a floor-length dress and this mom was feeling that protocol dictated she must wear the same type of dress.

At 5'2, Groom's Mom feels too short to be comfortable in a long dress, so, after talking for a bit about the style of the wedding (not overly formal), I assured the her that as long as the bride agreed, a dressy suit or shorter dress would be appropriate and there was no need for her to suffer in a long gown that would make her uncomfortable.

After a discussion with the Bride, Groom's Mom selected a dress that compliments the style of the wedding and the Bride's mom's outfit, but is flattering to her. Now everyone will be happy on wedding day, knowing they look their best.

What lessons can we learn from this tale?

1. There are no hard and fast rules about what the mothers of the Bride & Groom should wear. their outfits should be age and figure appropriate.
2. Brides will make their future mother-in-laws very happy by allowing them to choose an outfit they feel comfortable in.

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